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Marketing encompasses a large number of services that fall under the category. Each business is unique in its needs and require different levels of work. Those services are based on an initial free consultation to assess the current practices being used, business goals and budget. A strategic plan will be produced with goals, action items and measurement standards defined based on your needs. Pricing is based on those needs and potential implementation of the action plan.  Below is a list of services.

  • Advertising - Campaign ideas, media buying, google ads, etc

  • Digital Footprint Development - website, social media, blogs, newsletters

  • Social Media Management

  • Events, Promotions & Sponsorship Development

  • Brand Management

  • Partnerships & Cross Marketing Opportunities

  • Community Involvement - Chamber, Travel & Tourism, Sponsorships

  • Non-profit Emphasis

Do you need a fresh impartial eye to help assess the changes you're thinking about? Maybe you don't have the time or the brain power to do all the running around or research needed to choose the best tile for your bathroom. And how do you tie it all in with the period of the home? I can help with that and more. Below is a list of a few services. The first conversation is free and an easy way to get started even if its all you need!

  • Refresh with current furnishings 

  • Design and color options for updates

  • Remodel work - DIY or Contractor

  • Design Consulting - Work with GC

"Emily refurbished my vintage chairs to perfection. It was such an easy process and I loved her recommendations for them. I reccommend working with Emily, and hope to do it again soon!" - Heather A.

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