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 ski condo renovation 

Project Type: Interior Design, Remodel, and Consulting
Purpose: Bring this 70's-era condo into the 21st century
Summary: This project is being done in stages based on budget of the client.

This is a 500 square foot condo at Schweitzer Mountain that hadn't been remodeled since it was built in 1978. The appliances were the original "Harvest Gold" color we've seen in "That '70s Show" or "the Goldbergs". There is more work to do, but with a small starting budget, we brought this place into the 21st century with slate blue cabinets, iron pulls, concrete countertops and stainless steel appliances. The transformation was amazing. I cant wait to update the bathroom and finish this remodel! 


Project Type: Logos and Art Direction
Purpose: This is a collection of business and event logos 

There is a lot more going into a logo design then most people think. A logo defines a business and lets the world know who you are or what the event is.  They also represent the style of the business or event.  Color, fonts, character use, marketing use and more all go into the process of designing a good logo. Its not easy but it can be a lot of fun. To me anyway! 

1950's home bathroom restoration

Project Type: Remodel, Construction, and Design 
Purpose: Rehabilitate a rental property bathroom in a 1950's home. 

This rental property is used by college students at WSU. The use is heavy and the space is small so it needed to be brought up to date, brightened up, and cheaply done using the existing framework.  You should see the "before" image, gross is the best way to describe it!


Project Type: Project Development 
Purpose: Branding, Merchandising, Customer Loyalty

There are many iconic characters that have been used in advertising. Examples: M&M people, Energizer Bunny, Mr Clean and so so many more. They provide deeper connections for the customer, make the brand more identifiable, add another level to advertising campaigns and make any business stronger in the process. But if you thought logos were hard, developing the right character to represent your business is even more challenging. Her are a couple I'm proud of developing.

1950's Lounge chair restoration

Project Type: Furniture Reconstruction
Purpose: Restore to their original glory! 

1950 ‘s aluminum adjustable lounge chairs with wheels and custom made cushions. Perfect for lounging on the deck.

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